Accreditation and Certifications

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In order to fulfill its pursue of excellence and improve the quality of healthcare services, MCHB established in 2010 a partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Accreditation Canada, an affiliate of the Health Standards Organization, to abide by Primary Health Care Accreditation Standards.

In addition, quality control of services provided at the MCHB facilities, with the regular updating of protocols, policies and procedures, is one of the main pillars to ensure compliance with international accreditation standards for primary healthcare services.


Collaborative network

Strengthening links between employees, administration, stakeholders through:

  • Conducting frequent employee meetings to share experiences, potential risks, actual issues and corrective actions with referring to the administration.
  • Informing and consulting the public with MCHB plan to get them involved in the decision making process.
  • Promoting healthcare services provided by MCHB and its centers through digital marketing campaigns, health fairs, public relation committee and social media channel.
  • Providing cost effective healthcare services through projects, funds and partner contributions and activating the appointment system to manage beneficiaries’ waiting time thus improving satisfaction.


Engaging actively in community activities through the establishment of support groups in collaboration with community leaders and municipalities to assess community needs, conduct focus group discussions and coordinate awareness campaigns.

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