Future Plans

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Patients First

Implementing a patient centered care and service approach through:

  • Planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services, with physicians such as general practitioners, pediatrics and gynecologists always available in the centers.
  • Setting up of a clear referral system between centers and other Makassed facilities to ensure continuity of care.
  • Building up communication among providers, beneficiaries and their families.
  • Adapting centers’ physical infrastructures to ensure accessibility to services.
  • Providing transport means when needed for beneficiaries to reach centers or when referred from the centers to any other Makassed facility.

Improving the safety and quality of care provided through the development, implementation and evaluation of patient safety initiatives as per international guidelines.

Our Team, Our Strength

  1. Capacity building to develop and retain a well-trained and up-to-date workforce through frequent assessments and ongoing interactive training.
  2. Innovative management process to enhance performance through:
  • Educating, training, motivating, empowering and rewarding healthcare providers and setting clear job evaluations;
  • Conducting annual peer review for healthcare providers in all centers;
  • Building the team of the future by hiring skilled fresh graduates;
  • Setting a budget for temporary employees to fill in work positions during peak times that can be achieved through building up connections with universities and other organizations.

Operational Excellence

Achieving high levels of accreditations and certification through:

  • Applying and maintaining work system, principles and policies according to Accreditation Canada Standards and MHCB strategic plan to build some effective primary care clinics.
  • Developing a quality improvement plan for all centers by designating a person responsible for following up and reporting on performances in each center.

Adopting advanced technological operational standards through:

  • Implementing a Health Information System linked to the bureau and if possible to other Makassed facilities.
  • Introducing appropriate technological devices to facilitate work, benefit from time saved in obtaining data and consequently reduce paper work.
  • Developing new communication means in each center for internal (between healthcare providers) and external (beneficiaries and MCHB administrative department) purposes.